Chenyu Zhang


ELLIS PhD student
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I am a first year PhD student of the ELLIS PhD Program, supervised by Prof. Nicu Sebe in MHUG, and co-supervised by Prof. Max Welling in AMLab. My current research interests are on AI4Science, Science4AI, image generation and physics-based deep learning. Before PhD, I worked with Prof. Alan Yuille in CCVL at Johns Hopkins University.

Combining physics with AI is fun. Physics provides the framework for understanding the universe through mathematical models, offering insights into the fundamental laws that govern our world. AI, particularly through deep learning, enhances our ability to make predictions with remarkable accuracy, although often at the expense of interpretability. My works aim to bridge this gap, leveraging the precision of AI and the foundational principles of physics to develop innovative, interpretable models.

Selected Publications

[1] Vipul Gupta, Adam Kortylewski, Zhuowan Li, Chenyu Zhang, Yingwei Li, Alan Yuille. “SwapMix: Diagnosing and Regularizing the Over-Reliance on Visual Context in Visual Question Answering”, IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR 2022).

Academic Services

CVPR 2023, 2024.
ICCV 2023.
ECCV 2024.
ACCV 2024.


ELLIS PhD Program
University of Trento
PhD student in Computer Science
Nov. 2023 - Apr. 2027

ELLIS PhD Program
University of Amsterdam
exchange student

Johns Hopkins University
M.S.E. Program in Robotics,Jan. 2021 - Dec. 2022

Selected Honors